5 Things I Learned My 1st Year of Blogging

Happily Madz Turns 1!

One year ago on April 19th, 2017 I posted my very first Instagram picture on my brand new account, Happily Madz. I had no followers, and wasn’t even sure how I would hit my first 100.

The first picture I ever posted!

The first picture I ever posted!

I had done one outfit shoot and was ready to start posting. I had looked up some hashtags, chose a filter, and uploaded my picture. It was amazing seeing the likes/followers come in..and that’s something that still hasn’t changed.

So a little back story on how I got started for those of you that have been on this amazing journey with me. I wasn’t in the best place in my career when I first started blogging. I had been so consumed by the start-up world for such a long time that I was completely burnt out. I had started working in the family business, something I couldn’t really see myself doing before. I had always wanted to pursue my own business and felt like I had completely failed when I started working with them.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I felt I was compromising my creativity and passion by working with my family. However, being so burnt out I didn’t have the energy to even think about pursuing a new business idea or exploring other options. Two months went by, and my sister still saw me struggling trying to adjust to being out of the start up scene and on a work routine with my family. That’s when she gave me the best advice she ever has and suggested I start blogging.

I thought to myself, no way. There’s no way I could put myself out there like that. I’m too self-conscious, insecure, along with a million other excuses I made up to convince myself not to blog. She continued to persuade me and after a brief conversation I found myself extremely excited to start brainstorming about my soon to be fashion & lifestyle blog. It was the first time in weeks I had felt excited and had this energy I had been lacking.

It didn't come to me naturally though. Even when I had started posting, I was so ridiculously self conscious that I didn’t want to follow anyone I knew, and I didn’t want anyone that I knew to even see my page aside from maybe 3 of my closest friends. 

However, one year and almost 20,000 followers later...

I have fallen in love with blogging. I may still be self conscious but I'm definitely more comfortable now than when I first started. It has been such an amazing year and I can’t thank you all enough for being so supportive. It's really what keeps me going and whether you followed, liked, commented, shared my page with others, etc.. I appreciate it more than you all could ever know! <3 So here's a few tips for any of you that are thinking about blogging or are getting started!

5 Things I Learned my 1st Year of Blogging

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to start a blog, don't let what other people may think keep you from starting. 

Don't be afraid of trying different poses - I'm so unbelievably awkward and it takes me 200 pictures to get 1-2 decent shots.

Own that look - If you want to test the boundaries with different fashion looks and styles. DO IT. Who cares if it's a hit or miss.  

Quality > Quantity

I know it's good to be consistent with posting however I strongly believe in quality over quantity. I'd rather not post a picture I don't like than to post a picture just because I feel like I have to post.

Be Picky With Brand Partnerships

I remember when I was just getting started, I would get so excited anytime a brand reached out to me. But I was always told, be picky about who you work with. Don't promote a brand to your followers that doesn't align with your own personal brand or style. There's certain level of trust you should try to create and maintain with your followers.

Connect with other Bloggers

I have made some of the best friends through blogging! It's so amazing connecting with other bloggers. We all understand each other's struggles and relate. Engage with their posts, go to events, and create meaningful friendships!

Be Authentic

I recently attended a blogger panel where I got to hear some amazing bloggers share their advice. It seemed they all shared the same mantra, "be authentic". There are countless bloggers and I always find myself comparing myself to others.. Even though I try not to, it's so hard. But it's important to remember that there is only one YOU. Don't be afraid to show your personality, it's the best way to connect more with your followers.


Anyways, that's a wrap! If you read this, I hope I was able to bring you some kind of value. Once again, thank you so much for all the incredible support I've received from you all in the last year. It means the world <3 











Madiha Jamil